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Ferguson Farms offers a variety of local goods, proudly grown and/or raised by yours truly.

Give us a call at (615) 417-5596 or send us a message on Facebook to check the availability of all our products.

Items are subject to change.

$4 Eggs (12)
$5/lb Whole chicken
$9/lb Boneless breast
$6/lb Chicken legs
$5/lb Chicken wings
$6/lb Chicken thighs
$4/lb Chicken heart & liver
$8/lb Ribs
$9/lb Country-style ribs
$9/lb Tenderloin
$8/lb Cube steak
$10/lb Brats – Garlic pepper / Cheddar / Bacon Cheddar / Jalapeño Cheddar

$9/lb Mild sausage patties
$9/lb Maple brown sugar patties
$8/lb Pork chops
$10/lb Smoked chops
$8/lb Sausage (mild or hot)
$7/lb Ground pork
$12/lb Bacon
$11/lb Pork belly
$9/lb Chorizo
$10/lb Ham
$8/lb Sweet Italian Sausage
$8/lb Zesty Italian Sausage

$7/lb Ground beef
$8/lb Burger patties
$11/lb Sirloin
$13/lb T-bone
$16/lb Ribeye
$8/lb Stew meat
$8/lb Brisket
$9/lb Beef roast

Call for Pricing:
– Hay rounds & squares
– Seasonal produce
– Seasonal honey

To stay in the loop on all our latest menu items, community events, and pop-up shops, be sure to like us on Facebook!

(615) 417-5596
1535 Pinhook Rd.,
Lebanon, TN 37090

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